??? I am new to IceDragon; so new in fact, that version 22 was introduced only a day or so after I first installed the software. Now I am beset with a problem – the HELP screens are still for version 21, so exploration is a bit confusing. Can someone please tell me if if the New Tab>New Private Window (Cntrl+N) is privacy browsing? Thanks!
- Mark Lee

Hi and welcome LMark,
Ctrl+N is a new window, not a new private window.

Ctrl+Shift+P is used to open a new private window.

Ctrl+T will open a new tab for which ever mode is currently active.

The shortcuts for V21 are mostly the same for V22.
Keyboard Shortcuts

Kind regards.

Thanks very much! The list of keyboard shortcuts is especially helpful.
- Mark Lee

You are welcome Mark, thanks. :slight_smile: