In this video - YouTube we can see at 10:44 2 applications detected as suspicious by CAMAS in killswitch. Normally comodo should alert the user no ? I’m confused about that ???

If I am not wrong CIS doesn’t have CAMAS implemented, Cloud AV is different & not CAMAS.

CIMA and CAMAS mean the same thing no ?

See help here, heading “Perform cloud based behavior analysis of unrecognized files” and “Automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud”

As per this CIS should detect what OP has mentioned but it may take app. 15 mins to return the results if the concerned file is malware, m I right?

I remember when I do tests I keep KillSwitch open & have seen the scenario mentioned by the OP i.e KillSwitch detected malware but CIS didn’t reacted quite a few mins later too.

Why not they include this live CIMA processes scan in CIS? It is quick.

Let’s see how 6 handles this.

Cause normally any files detected suspicious by CIMA get added to the FLS global blacklist so CIS should detect them while checking files from FLS. But like you said let’s see how CIS 6 will handle this situation.