confuse about comodo antivirus?

Hey guys,

i wanted to ask you guys, i agree that comodo firewall is best one, but wanted to know is comodo antivirus best than all the antivirus?. since kaspersky 2010 antivirus as kaspersky internet security 2010 together with bitdefender internet security 2010 and other internet suiites or antivirus comes up every day…

would comodo antivirus be able to detect all spyware,trogens,antiviruses than all the latest releases of internet suites that are releasing every now and then…

hoping u would help me to come out of this confusion?

thanxs sameer

Hi Sameer,

No anti-virus knows everything.


Not even Comodo’s.

Anti-viruses are primarily a reactive technology. Having said that, an AV that can co-operatively work in conjunction with other preventative measures (like HIPS or Behaviour Blockers) is, IMHO, a more effective solution than a standalone anti-virus.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

It’s up to user too.
By sending a miss-detected malware to vendor to analyze and release new detection database.