Conflicts with MinGW gcc

My System:
Windows XP Professional SP3 (5.1.2600)
Intel Pentium 4 Processor with HT Technology @ 3.00GHz
4GB of DDR2-533 RAM

COMODO CFP (free) for win32

MinGW: Latest version, 5.1.4 installer, gcc version 3.4.5.

I had installed MinGW with MSYS before COMODO firewall. That was 3 weeks ago when I installed Windows XP Pro fresh again, so I’m pretty sure all the software is the newest version.

Now, the problem I had was that gcc was not compiling things. If I put a command like:

gcc program.c -o program.exe

then it will get stuck and do absolutely nothing else. The command “C:>” Would not appear. Then, I would close the command prompt window (using the x), and Windows would tell me that it is not responding. So I hit “End Now”, and the command prompt window would colse.

If I use make (or mingw32-make), it will get stuck at the first or second source file being compiled, doing exactly what I described above.

Now, the weirdest thing is that if I put the command:

gcc program.c -o program.exe

And it would get stuck, then I use Ctrl+C, and try again:

gcc program.c -o program.exe

and if it gets stuck, use Ctrl+C and try again until it compiles successfully. So, lets say I wrote the command “gcc program.c -o program.exe” 4 times, then when I try to close the command prompt window, Windows would tell me that it is not responding. I hit “End Now”, and It will again tell me that it is not responding. So, in total, it would tell me that the program is not responding 3 times, the number of times the command failed and gcc stalled.

I tried selecting “Disable Firewall”, but gcc would keep doing the same. I just uninstalled COMODO firewall, and when the feedback page appeared, I selected “Conflicting with Software” (something like that, I know that the feedback submission doesn’t have to do with anything, but that’s what I did :)). gcc now works again.

Thanks. I hope this helps.