Conflict with Word 2007

I run XP SP3 with Office Home and Student 2007 amd CAV I keep getting eror message when saving Word docvs ‘Word cannot save due to a file permission error’ I disabled HIPS, when the error appeared to go away. Now its back. Is this a known issue. Is there a work around. I would like to retain CAV, but may have to move to another application. Takes thre or four attempts and many clicks just to save a doc. (:AGY)

Alertnative AV Please… :slight_smile:


Thanks. With respect, as a moderator you should answer my questions. ‘An alternative AV’ is scarcely calculated to instill confidence in Comodo products. In saying what you say, you may think you have answered the questions. But I am looking fior answers - is there is a conflict? - is there is a workaround? So please answer those. :-TD
At the moment, given your reply, which smacks to me of a couldn’t care less attitude, I am thinking of going over to AVG. I have used Comodo applications very happily for some time now, and I would prefer, given good advice, to sticlk with what I know and not go over to what I don’t know.

Hi xylophone,

CAV 2 development has stopped. It is a “Beta” product and NEVER reached production release, so my point is beta products are known to have PROBLEMS.

Anyway… I would suggest Uninstalling & Re-installing CAV 2, and disabling the HIPS in CAV 2 & see if the error goes away permanently.


I think on this basis I’ll just go out of Comodo altogether. Antispam is dead, CAV gives trouble, shouldn’t be surprised there are problems with the Firewall. Great pity

With equal respect, a moderators prime task is to moderate. While a lot of the mods have got a lot of experience, these forums are not just a place where a handful attempt to answer all questions.

But I am looking fior answers - is there is a conflict? - is there is a workaround? So please answer those. :-TD

I believe the conflict is caused by the way Word2007’s native format (docx) is actually an encapsulated XML file in a renamed ZIP archive. I’mnot 100% certain on this but have seen similar problems with other prodcuts.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Nope - it does this with Excel 2007 when opening a doc in compatibility mode as well (2003)… now if Comodo 2 beta is never going to be anything but Beta, I imagine the same goes for version 3?

Aah well, it was a nice thought… good thing I didn’t sign for the certificate then - wonder if it’s beta too.

as i posted before:
A workaround is described here, it’s not the best but it will work.;msg120937#msg120937

Don’t imagine too much. CAVS 3 is different from CAVS 2. New architecture.