Conflict issue???

Hi all,
Have recently installed Comodo V3 (running Vista) and am now experiencing a little problem updating my AVG antispy (free). When i try to update i am told it cannot connect to proxy localhost. All other spyware scanners are running fine, just a problem with AVG. It seems as if this problem has started since the installation of Comodo and according to the permissions i have set AVG should be able to connect.

Have i missed something?

It is quite likely that i am at fault, however if someone could point me in the correct direction re: resolution of this isuue i’d be much obliged. I’m afraid i’m still learning about this excellent product (thank you and great work by the way).


The Comodo firewall is not officially available for Windows Vista yet. See the main site for details:

If you want to report a bug in BETA version which is compatible with Vista, please post your message here