configuring to block acces to other wireless networks

How do I configure the firewall to block user initiated access to an unsecured wireless network? Our secured wireless network sometimes goes off-line and instead of repairing our connection, my kids and (sometimes wife) are connecting to a neighbors unsecured network. How do I prevent this?

OS: win xp home sp3
Comodo Firewall: 3.9

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Firewall / My Blocked Network Zones.

Make sure to remove it from My Network Zones.

Thanks for the quick reply. If I remove it from My Network Zone then, it also gets removed from My Blocked Network Zone. I’ve gone to stealth ports wiz and > stealthed ports to everyone else after defining my own network as trusted. Yet… I am still able to initiate a connection and connect to the unsecured network.

I tried it on my connection before posting removed from My Networks manually put in My Blocked Networks
still connected but could not access the internet.
Edit Added screenshots plus one showing blocked internet.

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I’ve got to be missing something. I removed the unwanted network from My N.W. Zone > manually added it to My blocked Zone > defined my network as trusted > stealthed ports to EVERYONE else. I can still connect to the network and the internet through the neighbors unsecured n.w. Very frustrating. Maybe I’m not putting in the correct IP address for the N.W. I want to block. It is a Dynex router so I’ve been putting in the IP block slot. Am I doing this wrong?

Sorry forgot I have a fixed IP easy to block.
I presume you can connect anywhere in the range from to
I think if I remember correctly there is a way to stop connections to unsecure networks will search and let you know.
Edit not the topic I was looking for found this so far.
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In the properties of your wireless connection on your PC, tell it to only connect to your preferred network.
Please try here aswell similar to the first one I found I thought there was a better one.

Thanks for the help. I finally figured this out. The peculiar thing though is why it doesn’t work via adding the unwanted network to the MY Blocked Zone.

This is how I did it (in case anyone else runs into this).

First, go to >miscellaneous > settings > general Check “automatically detect new private networks”

Connect to your network >when the green box (New Private network Detected!) opens, name your network > OK

Now connect to the Network that you want to restrict access to. when the green box opens > name it >OK

Now > firewall > advanced > network security policy > global rules >add > on the bottom half choose > zone > select the network you want to restrict access to. On the top portion of the window under action > choose > block > then > apply.

Go to Firewall > Common Tasks > Stealth Ports Wizard > Select Top Option (Define a new trusted network) steath my ports to EVERYONE else > next Select > first option " I would like to trust an existing MY Network Zone > under zone name choose your network> finish

Now when you try to connect to the other network it will connect but without internet access.

Note: if you remove the undesired network from MY network zones, you will also remove these global rules and the firewall will allow access back to the network.

Thanks for posting back with info :slight_smile:

idyllicink. Does this also work when the networks are in the same IP range? Most routers use the 192.168.1.x range so it seems that blocking access to the one router also blocks access to the other router as it uses the same IP range.

Good question/point Eric…something that I didn’t think about. My assumption is that this method wouldn’t work if the two routers operated within the same range. I wish there was a reasonable way for me to test this though. Unfortunately the other networks (except for the unsecured Dynex) around me using 192.168.1.x are secured. Let’s say this method doesn’t work for blocking n.w.'s sharing the same range (without blocking access to your personal n.w.) how then, could you restrict access to the unsecured network using Comodo Firewall?

It is always possible to change your router to another range from the ones you want to block, I did this for another reason.