Configuring CESM 3.3 to work with Windows 7 Firewall ?

Hi, I’m quite new to CESM.
I’ve got the CESM server running on Windows 7 and trying to deploy Sandbox and AntiVirus to Server 2003 on a different domain than my Windows 7 computer.

First problem I hit was it would not deploy the agent so I installed the agent manually on the Server 2003 then the deployment in CESM gets past the agent install and displays Former Comodo Security Product uninstall 33% and there is stops and stays.

I have downloaded the package and tried to install it manually this is the tail end of the log file

[23:42:25:683] MSI property ProductName value is ‘COMODO Internet Security’
[23:42:25:792] MSI property ProductCode value is ‘{1344ED2B-1451-41B1-A21E-F0D7126AC6F1}’
[23:42:25:870] MSI property UpgradeCode value is ‘{B9D3F17C-97D2-4285-9964-BFD6ADFFE38F}’
[23:42:25:933] MSI property ProductVersion value is ‘’
[23:42:26:011] MSI property Manufacturer value is ‘COMODO Security Solutions Inc.’
[23:42:26:058] MSI platform is ‘Intel’ (32)
[23:42:26:089] COMODO Antivirus for Servers installation has failed
[23:42:26:105] Product (un)installation failed with error: 1603

There have never been any other Comodo Security Products installed on the Server 2003. I did try to install CAV but of course it stops and says it cannot be installed on Server 2003, hence me trying to use CESM to deploy CAV for Servers.

It’s okay thank you I found the fault and feel a bit foolish. I checked the
firewall was off on Server 2003 but it was on on my Windows 7 computer. I
turned it off and CESM sprung into life and works fine now. Installed CAV on
Server 2003, now installing it on an XP PC then an XP laptop. I am happy. :slight_smile:

Is there a way I can configure Windows 7 Firewall to allow CESM to work
normally with the Firewall up please ?