Hello. I am using the comodo firewall only version as well as defense +. I see that if I right click on the firewall shield in my system tray and go to configuration, that I have a few different choices. Right now it is set on firewall security. Is this the setting i should have it on? I think I remember reading somewhere that the proactive security set up was the best but I’m thinking maybe that was for advanced users, which I am not. Any suggestions?

With Proactive Security configuration and Defense + in Safe Mode you will get more alerts than with the Internet Security configuration. Yet the Safe Mode will take away quite a few because it uses Comodo’s white list of trusted programs.

With Proactive you will get alerts when programs get stated that will produce more alerts. It will also monitor more features but you would only notice that if you were in Paranoid mode taking a step by step approach on each program that runs.

So, I think Proactive with D+ in Safe Mode is well balanced and worth a try for the not so experienced user.

OK. It sounds like proactive security is safer and won’t be too much trouble for my non technical little brain. :-[ I already have both the firewall and defense + in safe mode so I will give the proactive configuration a shot. Thank you.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. That’s what we are here for; to help with the learning curve.