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There was a Post by Kyle on Nov 22, titled “Setting up Firewall for maximum security”. This has been very helpful to me me , and have followed this guide.
Now have just reinstalled CIS, choosing the option for “optimal defense”.
Is there a guide similar to Kyles for “Optimal Defense”

Just straight forward “check this box and that box” kind of things. There are many options in the defense.

Thank you! :■■■■

See here:

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If the images don’t come up, click on the links (they didn’t show today for me, but they are still available with the links).

Thank you Beanie, that was just exactly what was needed (:WAV)

No worries :slight_smile:

As for files to check under D+. I am running the latest version of CIS. Here is a pic of mine. Is it redundant with those top 3 choices still there? Should they be removed? Here is the older picture below mine with kyles tutorial.

Yes, those top three you put in are obsolete, since all three of them are included in the ‘Executables’ file group.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: