Configuration Recommendations Please!

I just installed Comodo firewall yesterday. I must say that so far I am very impressed with this product.

I need some recommendations as to how to configure Comodo for my PC. It is a stand-alone box - no network. I have a Netopia 3347 modem/router installed and have it’s firewall configured as follows; NAT, statefull inspection, and firewall set to clear sailing. Clearing sailing slealths all ports including ICMP. This hardware firewall is pretty good as it has blocked multiple port and ping scans. Configuring application rules however are a bear. That is why I installed Comodo as a secondary software firewall and to check/block outbound activity.

For AV and HIPS, I use Symantec Endpoint 11 MR3. I used the Sygate based firewall included with Endpoint for about 6 months which was a nightmare to configure since I was running an unmanaged client. I dropped the Endpoint firewall after something corrupted one it’s drivers and the stupid firewall never informed me there was a problem.

Anyway, I want to configure Comodo firewall to be secure but not overly so as to impact my web performance since I do have the Netopia hardware firewall.

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I would suggest to set CIS to Proactive under Miscellaneous → Manage my configuration. In this CIS will monitor all it can monitor. Also set the firewall to Custom Policy mode under Firewall → Advanced → Firewall Behaviour settings. That will give more grip.

Thanks! I will give that a try.

I do have another question. What is the ryhme and reasoning behind the ordering of the application rules? I have noticed that Comodo placed a couple of outbound applications I allowed above the default rule it generated upon installation. Then there are other outbound applications below the default rule.

What is the correct order for application rules?