Configuration name after an update

After an update, the active configuration name becomes “COMODO - Internet Security - Updated - Updated - Updated …” with the word “Updated” repeating as many times as the number of updates applied.

First of all, I assume this is a bug.

Then, there doesn’t seem to be a way to rename a configuration. Do I need to export it and import it under a different name?

Is this “Updated” configuration the same as the other one on the list “COMODO - Internet Security”?

I figured I’d ask before starting to mess with it.

Moved to help section as it is not a bug, but behaviour by design.

If you would like this changed please post a Wish here

Each time you update the main program updated is added to the name of the Configuration it could be called a bug, but it gives you a idea how many times you have updated by doing it this way.

You can export / import your current configuration to change its name if you wish, or you can choose one of the new configurations installed when you updated, starting with a new configuration as if you did a fresh install.


??? Bizarre!
What possible use is that?


I would call it a bug. That is messed up… 88)

I agree, this is a bug. Together with the fact that configurations cannot be renamed from the UI.

I filed it under “bugs” not sure why Dennis2 thinks this belongs under the “Help” section.

This has been mention numerous times and no staff member have said it is not expected to happen or is caused by a error.

So it cannot be classed as a bug until then.


So bugs aren’t bugs unless officially recognized as such? ???

I just can’t imagine that the idea here is to keep track of how many times you’ve updated…

It has to be a bug because it’s mind boggling that anyone would consider this behavior a design feature. But then again, until just recently, items on the exclusion list weren’t excluded from scans, so who knows? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know that I would call it a bug as application functionality isn’t affected.

More like poor design.

They could get away with just adding an asterisk to show the config had been changed due to an update or to user modification.

Ewen :slight_smile: