Configuration Help

Hi Guys, if u can help me out:

Heres the setup I have at home:

  1. Net connected to Router
  2. Router connected to my PC/Laptop
  3. DHCP setup on Router - can change IP settings on PC.

What i need is detailed firewall settings to secure connection in LAN configured by the router.

I checked GRC firewall test - it failed inspite of stealthed ports on Comodo.
I want total stealth status for my laptop but for my Utorrent (trusted app)
broadcast to stop within LAN

Earlier there used to be a thread with detailed guide on creating rules for CIS/Comodo Firewall - cant find it now.

Please help me on this.

GRC is probing your router, not your software firewall.

If you’ve set your software firewall to stealth your ports to everyone and wish to see this status reflected on the ShieldsUp test, you’ll need to set up a DMZ on your router. You’ll need to refer to your routers documentation on how to accomplish this.