configuration discheck

I’m using Comodo Firewall 3.5

I right clicked the Comodo icon near the clock Configuration > manage my configuration >
comodo Firewall security.

Now a have al lot of alerts suddenly.

I want to discheck the “aktivated comodo firewall security” but i cannot find how.
I can only check another point in this kontext menue???

I suspect that when you were viewing CIS’ Configurations that you may have accidentally selected another Configuration than you were previously using. Since the Configuration was probably empty this would result in a barrage of alerts (like when you first install CIS).

Right click CIS’ systray icon & select COMODO Internet Security. This was probably the Configuration that you were using, but I cannot be certain. So, you may need to experiment a little or check the Firewall/Defense+ policies for each Configuration to see which has the most existing rules (and that is probably the one). Once you have found the original Configuration you were using, the alerts should cease.

dear kail!
thank you so much. you are right.
my formerly configuration was “Comodo Optimum Security”.
I find out after a system restore!!