Configurable sound options. With Poll.

This has been asked numerous times in the past but all the topics about it are fairly old now, so I have started a new reminder topic about this request.
I couldn’t find this request with a poll previously.

Configurable sound options, with the ability to configure/enable/disable.

For alerts, updates etc

Thanks from Captainsticks.

+10 :-TU

It could be helpful for some people but I’d never want sounds in CIS.

This would be a very useful addition to the Comodo Product (CIS) so it’s a big “YES” from me!


+1 :-TU

+1 :-TU

Especially for beginners it would be a big help!!
And if you play a game in fullscreen, can`t see, but hear the alert.
A useful addition! :wink:

Sorry, for my bad english

I just like having a sexy female aliens voice say “Warning” when ever Avira alerts me so why not give some sexiness to CIS :smiley:

I’ve always liked voices in the alerts too… haha, never heard Avira one as never used it.

Sounds would be great!

Thanks to everyone who has voted or commented either way.

For those that have voted no, what would be the negatives as long as it has disable capabilities?

Yeah, when Avast says about some events in a sweet voice that sounds great. I want CIS to be as good at least and even better. :-TU

I didn’t vote, but as for some negatives, the download will be larger due to the audio files. Not a big deal for broadband users, but it could add a considerable download time increase for dial-up users. Each additional MB of data can add 3-5 minutes to the download for a dial-up user.

Good old Dial-up, can’t believe people still use it, but you have got a valid point so making this optional when you download would be best bet? Two downloads, one with, one without?

Hi HeffeD,good points.
Maybe have it like the themes use to be, have the facility for it incorporated in the program but leave out the audio files (With a location to download after if required). Just ideas.

Hi AyeAyeCaptain,
The idea is good :), but the trouble with different installers could cause more confusion IMO ???.
Then do we have seperate installers for language packs to cut size, we would end up with a page load of different installers (Resulting in confused users).

Thanks for your input.

Yeah you’re right there Captain (from another Captain LOL) so hope some kind of viable option is discussed/debated enough for Comodo to warrant including it in the future releases… :-TU

PS- Input is what drives us all forward :a0

Hi Capt,
Agreed and agreed, it has been asked for many times :).

I vote for this too. Rather than opening a new thread I’ll post in this existing one. I’ll link to this thread from my other wishlist posts.

There are some older threads too like this one:

Very old but nover forgotten! It’s a terrible thing to run around 5 devices for years to check which one just cried out loud.
If you change the alert.wav manually, CIS wants to repair it immediately. Even with adjusted permissions no luck to change the alert permanently.
I am checking this thing with every update… :frowning: