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I think I posted a thread a while ago though I cannot find any reference to it and I don’t know how to find my posts.

My query was that in general I find the configuring of the settings is fairly straight forward and not unlike some of the Kaspersky ISS settings I have used on my other machines.

However the one setting I couldn’t find anything similar to was the online banking safe run that Kaspersky have in their Web AV settings and was wondering if it is a part of CIS and is it known under a different heading?

I rather like that feature that KIS put out and I would certainly like to see something similar of it made a feature of in CIS if possible.

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What does Kaspersky safe run actually do?

Thanks HeffeD Found the posts but no answers so am non the wiser - never mind I’ll try again. :slight_smile:

No I have a search around but cannot find what I want to know so I might as well leave as is. Trouble is I would have liked to have tried it on one of my main machines but not until I get some definitive answer :frowning:

I’m sorry you couldn’t find the answer you were looking for.

I guess I’ll ask again, what does Kaspersky safe run actually do? Perhaps CIS can be configured for similar functionality.

Applies to Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

Safe Run in Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is a secure environment isolated from the main operating system and designed for running applications whose safety raises doubts as well as for working with online banking resources when security of confidential data has a great importance. When you use Safe Run, the real objects of the operating system do not undergo changes. If a virus somehow gets access to the system resources it will be stopped by other protection components, namely HIPS, Proactive Defense and File Anti-Virus. Safe Run in interaction with these components considerably increases protection level against penetration of both known and unknown threats onto your PC.

sounds like a sandbox to me

Sandboxing is easy enough. Your browser can be run in the manual sandbox of CIS and the browser will be isolated from the operating system.

I question though, what it is actually doing to increase the security of online banking resources.

Sorry late reply Heffe have been away.

Well the Web AV settings in KIS for online banking I guess are like you say just a dedicated setting they have to auto config to a sandbox auto run on one’s sensitive sites, when one types a predetermined named site in. Because even when you are finished with the bank, and log out of it one can still open tabs with the green edged screen still on.

So I suppose if I want to run say my banking on line I just open the CIS sandbox feature and go then just shut down when done. Meaning that each time say I go to my bank to pay for something I have to type in the address one at a time. (whereas KIS has a list of site addresses already set such as *.com or *.net or * etc and instantly goes to a safe - sandboxed run when one types that particular *.com or *.net or * etc) I was only just curious to see if CIS had some similar auto feature:).

No, there is no feature in CIS that will automatically turn on the sandbox if you type in a particular URL. Sorry.