Config. CIS to work with a Webserver - Apache. . . .


new to this Forum - and new to Comodo Internet Security I ran into trouble installing CIS.
All went well until the Webserver was next on the testlist. ???

I’have searched forums and even much more on the www, but nothing I’have found got me through, and my webserver ‘On the Air’ !
CIS and Apache . . .?
Anyone with helping keys. . . .?


First step is to make a Global Rules to open the desired port(s). Go to Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Global rules. Then use add to make rules.

Since you seem not quite a first timer I will give you some reading stuff for inspiration: .

When you made Global Rule(s) make sure they are above the basic block rule (with the red icon); move them up when needed.

For the application you can choose ito make it trusted (easiest) or application specific rules.