Config (Allow Games like Warcraft3)

basically, how do i allow games like Warcraft 3 to pass? again, like in version 2, even allowing invis connections didn’t seem to work for me, so erm can someone help the gamming ppl out?

and by the way, when CPF3 just installs, there is a bombardment of msgs, most i just allow, is there a way to stop this? it can be quite annoying, esp when installing softwares, when installing Ad-Aware 2007, like every second i get a warning!

but looks better this time, and more secure, but something must be done about the bombardment of msgs

Can’t help with the games, as I don’t use them, sorry. However, put D+ in Train with Safe Mode and whenever you install a new application, wait for the first pop-up, the select Installer/Updater. You’ll probably get a request asking to go into install mode, say yes and away you go. A minute or two later, you’ll get a reminder you’re still in install mode, so you can switch back.

As for the games, find out which protocols and ports the game needs and I’ll see if I can help.

To set up games, we also need to know the name of the executable. Depending on if it uses any form of CD copy protection, you may need to set up several rules, as some copy protection schemes dynamically produce files with randomo names.

Ewen :slight_smile: