I’m just curious whether BOClean can stop infection from this worm… Anybody can confirm it?

I already read the list before I post this topic to the forum, and I can’t find it in the list (unless it use another name).
So, if it’s not in the list than BOClean can’t clean it? This worm already infected >9 million PC world wide…

Hi blaszta, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I am sorry, but don’t know the answer, and I don’t have a sample either. I think this is one for Kevin or Baskar to answer :slight_smile:

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CIS AV Detects this…

That’s no answer to the OP’s question I think 88)

But what about a seperate forum part with security threats, what you can do to prevent them, and how/if Comodo products can help you ??? Just an Idea :slight_smile:

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Thx Red… I’ve quite sometimes in the forum as a lurker :smiley:
I have problem with Conficker in the office, I don’t want my pc at home get infected too… that’s why I ask this in the forum…

Am I wrong, or didn’t Microsoft patch this vulnerability last October? ???

Yes, correct, but there are other ways for this worm to get on your machine besides the internet.

Thanks, I hadn’t considered portable media, etc. :-TU


You think? Seven days since the OP asked the question. :-TD

Hi Guys,

EMSI Software a-squared says:

Who got that can test it…

Sure better don’t get Con- that -Ficker; no Ups & Downs, Kid(s)!

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Sending you the link SiberLynx. Check your PM

Hi Kyle ,

Funny! I read PM first and was quite surprised.
Now I think I understand. ;D Cheers

Yes, do you mind ? I am just a forum member like everyone else trying to help the best I can !

As for Kev : I couldn’t reach him for more than a month by email, because an ice storm on December 11th ■■■■■■■ up his DSL, and all his internet provider told him was “it’s winter and we can’t fix your lines until the thaw.”

I have no personal contact with Baskar, but I got the impression he is viewing this forum part regularly, that is why I mentioned him.

I will send both Kevin and Baskar a message refering to this topic :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Hi Red. Certainly no offense was intended toward you. I am agreeing with you that this is one for Kevin or Baskar to answer, and expressing dismay that there has been no peep from them. As for your help here in the forum, you’re to be commended. Apologies for not making myself more clear!

Hi fracTure :slight_smile:

It seems that I misunderstood your post than. Sorry for my reaction.

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