Confessions and then some

Of course this can be said to be revisionism.

It is.

I cut out the first entry.

More than likely I will post it soon after a few hours of reflection on the essence of my confession.

Looking over the topics and subjects here I decided to take a broader interest in what others were talking about, " sharing " and saying rather than selfishly posting MY question waiting for a direct answer.

Confession part: rather than doing a search to see if the question was answered before I move forward posting what I think is interesting somehow…

Part 2 about that methodology. I wonder if the time spent searching and re-searching the forum for an answer that fits my question serves anyone except the space counters who may hate wasting bandwidth or whatever term may more perfectly illustrate time and space used to answer " the same question
" a new ". I’m not criticizing as much as I am wondering out loud.

How much can be learned from a curve ball?


PS It took so long for me to say what I wanted to say that my page timed out. Knowing from previous session when this happens I copied and pasted my post into a word doc so “just in case” it happened again I didn’t lose " everything ". Above is the pay off of thinking ahead ( for what it’s worth )

Try Lazarus browser add-on (for FF and Chrome) :wink: