Confession lies to the soul

When I was young I would go to church and tell lies in confession. I never spoke one word of truth there.

WAIT A SEC!!! That’s a lie!!! I did speak truth once but it seemed the priest did not believe me so I lied.

WAIT A SEC!!! That’s a lie too!!!

Come to think of it; I’ve never been to church in my life and that’s the truth but I am a liar!

If someone walked up to :smiley: you and said “You’re in denial” but you weren’t, what would you say?

I would say no! But you would think I mean yes and you could be right and I could be wrong ;D

Dude…you post the most oddball topics. O0

Hi Guys,

Why do I post in this particular thread? … Simple - I don’t wan to create a special one…

If mods want to split it or remove my reply … please do

I thinks that any posts even if they are in Offtopic, which is about “Anything and everything”
that touches religion (and other stuff - see below) must be strongly prohibited in this technical-software-related forum

Let’s have a look at the clause #3 in Policies

My opinion - it is not enough.
There is no way the decent conversation can be maintained about such topics.
Either you disable such things completely and strongly or you will always have problems…

Otherwise - just remove the clause #3

That actually does not apply to religious remarks only as #3 stated… but we do still have it here and it is very weak / fragile statement.

No, I don’t see yet that this or other particular posts by lostcause at the moment are “oddball topics”

But we all know there is no way that is possible to maintain religious / cultural / ■■■■■■ preferences & alike topics here unless we do allow that


create a special section that will be eventually (no doubts!) a flaming horror ….

I am not saying that I am a saint. I can snap & react & mods will remove the post …. (correctly done)

But… who would not post inappropriate messages, when basically many things despite the mentioned clause are allowed

One user (let’s not use names here) recently found me in other forum and posted offensive remarks.

Was I polite replying to him here? … sure not

At the same time my initial post was purely technical but the reply was about me wearing “■■■■ helmet”

As a result the PM I received after my strong reaction contained anything you can imagine showing him being extremely uneducated & unintelligent person:

there were:

  • ■■■■■■ remarks about me being “queer” out of the blue;
  • prejudice anti-Semitic remarks (out of the blue as well);
  • ugly comments about Russians as a whole and “ b i t c h splaping ” all Russians

… and so on …

Only absolutely uneducated individual can all of a sudden ??? bring low-level stuff like that when as we understand is a matter of him/her having nothing to say due to lack of education.

My point is – Comodo moderators! Be more strict regarding #3 clause
None of such thins should be allowed here!.. no jokes , no “serious” discussions

The forum must be clearly technical security related forum. Period!

My regards

looks like someone’s looking for a soul mate

Soya, you used to be “Somebody’s” hero… :stuck_out_tongue:

SiberLynx…Have you followed the “origins of the universe” thread? I’ve been pleasantly suprised at how civil the tone has been. I don’t think you give enough credit to the users here, especially the “accomplished” users.

I’m just upset at the stubborn people. :smiley:

And at my slow rate of writing. 88)

I wouldn’t worry too much, some people are just too “enlightened” for us. 88)

Btw, is it your writing or typing that slows you down? :wink:

IDK which…I get distracted, and I also make typing errors that mess me up. :slight_smile:

Type with 2 fingers, that seems to help me out. ;D

I was definitely reading that & I am glad that it’s is civil … but as I said - all such discussions are balancing on the very edge … I hope that it will remain civil & posts are from cool/healthy-minded participants…

I remember from WW2 The Russians were absent from the first couple treaty meetings because they were alone single handedly facing ■■■■■■. They were the first to attack him from the east (catching him by surprise, and mobilized faster then he had expected). The russians lost 20 million soldiers and they remember it as the “great patriotic war” just some fun facts, by far missing allot of details and historical data, but interesting none the less. Don’t live in the past but remember your mistakes, respect those who gave up their lives for you and played a large role in our worlds history. And never make the same mistakes again. But always look towards the future.

Since K1ng already bumped the topic, I thought I’d just say that the thread you are talking about fell off “the very edge.” 88)

I’m expecting a PM or reply from a mod named after a green veggie soon. 88)