Computer Tips

^The forum section should be Safe from Popups etc. Don’t Click on other part of the website,might have Popups. Unless you’re using Adblock plus or some sort of Effective Popup Blocker (Not the Explorer’s Popup Blocker)

McAfee SiteAdvisor Software – Website Safety Ratings and Secure Search (That’s what i mean)

Re-posted this thread since my previous account has been accidentally deleted (I thought i won’t be using this forum to advertise the thread…),the computer tips thread isn’t dead and being updated but not constantly. Feel free to visit ;D

Please remove the link to IOBIT… The company is frowned upon by many people…

Sorry. ;D . Removed the link.

Combined the thread? i can’t access the previous account anymore since been deleted,unable to edit posts.

Hmm…in SMF 2.0 RC, I know an admin can give ownership of posts by someone who has deleted their account to someone else.

Not sure if that feature is an 1.1.10.

SMF 2.0 FTW! :-TU

Fun being an admin on it lol.

What if the both ‘‘someone accounts’’ are both mine? deleted previously since no longer using then re-created another one. How now? ;D,mostly detests IObit here i guess.

topic unmerged (:m*)
sorry my bad (:TNG)
i’ll just lock the old one :-La

Thanks :smiley:

Updated Thread and OP.

Just updated thread

Why is it frowned upon? Not a smart ■■■ question; just curious to the why.

Were you “sleeping” that whole time period? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was out of town in that period so I missed a lot of news. Like this for example.

Ok. :stuck_out_tongue:

Last bump for updates before i leaves this forum. ;D

i don’t understand why ppl have to delete their own account 88)
why can’t they just leave it alone.

topic locked :P0l