Computer scan AV 2.17.58B

Installed this vers this morn and started full scan, this as approx 8am ,it is now 11am and it is still running {is presently at c:win/temp
Quest; is this normal to run that slow?? …Tks in advance

Hi Dold1

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This does not seem normal, it appears as if it is hung up. The scan should not take more than 20-30 min. to complete. (depending on the size of your drives). Try deleting the /temp files and the contents of your recycle bin and try the scan again.


Thanks John, would have replied earlier, but system BSoD’d five times since my post. I’m getting closer to the prob
(i think). Sys: winXP Pro SP2 on Asus P5WD-DH core2duo 2G ram, also loaded on OS is MS SQL server EXp 2k5
and MS VisualStud C++/2k5 and VS C#2k8 and it appears the trouble is coming from SQL Svr, not sure why, but
if I disable the service the issue minimizes. also IIS 5.1 is completely in-op, cant even get it to recognize the computer that its in stalled on and it’s reaking havoc with my Lan. Tried to an analysis from last crash dump, but wasn’t able to pinpoint the exact problem. Will try to keep yu in the loop with whats happening. Have-great-Day :-\