Computer repair shops

Has anyone ever used the services of PC repair shops?

My mother has a HP dv6000 wich has problems connecting to the Net through wireless (it connects through ethernet cable). Sometimes it doesn’t recognise the home lan (although it sees others in flats nearby): other times it just forgets the configuration in the Network Center.

So my mother took it to a repair shop and after two days of what must have been hard work the “technician” came out with a brilliant conclusion: there was a program installed wich was causing the issue.

… The program was Malwarebytes free.

P.S. Has anyone had a similar problem?

Lots of them - too many to contemplate. Unfortunately there are clowns in every circus and the IT repair/service industry is no exception.

The only plus to this is that the bad one ensure that the really good ones stay in business fixing their mistakes.

Ewen :slight_smile: