Computer Recovery

Currently I do not have a laptop, but seriously thought about getting an inexpensive one for my daughter who plans on a college studies abroad program that would take her to various countries around the world.

Trust Connect would be invaluable for her and the other students. If I had time and money to purchase the laptop, I would have installed various Comodo products. But although she now has her passport and visa’s for China and India; she/we still need to apply and receive loans grants to finish paying for this educational adventure.

I had wondered before about a code that Comodo could install on a laptop or any computer to allow recovery if it is stolen or lost. Wondered if the code could be hidden on the MB and any video or sound card? The only way to remove it would be to remove any primary board(s) MB, Video, Audio, etc., in that computer.

For those that use Trust Connect the recovery charges would be included, those not using Trust Connect a small fee to locate and recover the computer.

For important content that would be located on the computer, total encryption would occur on startup and shut down, and an additional fee service would be for those wanting automatic backups.

Because of Security I will PM you with the name of the this Studies abroad program.


we have some ideas about how to achieve something closer to what you are requesting… lets see how long it will take us to deliver it… wish us luck :slight_smile:



      You and your teams do not need LUCK when developing new features  (:TNG)

      But all the Patience and resounding SUCCESS in finding ways to develop and secure computers for recovery if lost or stolen, in ways others have either over looked or did not take the time to try  :THNK   (:CLP)


Do I smell a BIOS (or similar) extension in the air??? :wink:

Bios can be deleted and/or over written. It would need to be something hidden and permenent.

The user could pass on the Recovery Protection by a change of ownership, by contacting Comodo with two different methods of contact given in the registration, and a method of contacting the computers new owner.