Computer Clock Changes on laptop reboot/power on

Hi Guys

My Computer Clock, ever since I reformatted, is not consistent with the current date and time where I am located (Australia, Sydney) - I have manually set the computer time/date and localisation, once rebooted the laptop or power it on again, the computer clock shows January 2009 with 1:13AM which is very wrong.

Reformatting will not solve the issue - Example: When you reformat, you choose Sydney as the time but it still shows wrong time/date.

Does anyone have a solution?

Thank you.

Replace your laptop’s BIOS battery.

How do I do that? The actual power battery?

No. CMOS/BIOS battery is a different hardware from the power battery.
Here, take a look at this link: BIOS Battery

Replacing a CMOS/BIOS battery in laptop is a bit more complex than in PC.
I suggest you bring your laptop to a service center.

The BIOS battery itself is CHEAP!
Pay attention so you won’t fall for a price scam.

Yup it’s definitely the CMOS/BIOS battery.

yeah yeah yeah, it’s the CMOS/BIOS battery ;D

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Thanks Guys. I’ll look into the BIOS Battery. I’ll lock this one.