computer at a standstill with 276

have been using cfp 273 on my xp system without any problems. i have everything at the default settings. today i received a popup message to update to 276. after doing so, my system slowed down to a snail’s pace. i exited cfp and everything went back to normal

Since there have been some problems with the updater, go to miscellaneous/about and make sure you really have .276.
Haven’t used the update, but can suggest a couple of things to help sort it out:

  1. go to firewall/advanced/atttach detection settings/miscellaneous and make sure nothing is checked
  2. go to D+/advanced/image execution settings and make sure they are normal and exe

Then take a look at task manager and see whether CFP is using all the CPU or there is contention with another program that is using a lot of CPU-or if CPU use is normal.