Component Monitor

I don’t know how I broke it, but I did somehow. I’ve been fooling around with some transparency applications today and I can no longer get Component Monitor to work. If Component Monitor is turned on or if Component Monitor is in learning mode I can no longer use Firefox (this only seems to happen with Firefox). If I turn Component Monitor off Firefox will work as per the rules I have setup in the Application Monitor.

Another thing to note, the current program I have running is called WinRoll. If I exit WinRoll and turn Component Monitor back on everything works normal. I know earlier it asked me about a hook that WinRoll was implementing, but that no longer pops up.

I’ve wiped out all Component Control Rules to start from scratch, yet nothing seems to fix this. Is there another place with rules are kept that could be interfering with the Component Monitor?

Also, I’ve just noticed that learning mode no longer works properly. Components are no longer being added while in learning mode and since whiping out all my component rules and restarting learning mode picks up nothing.

When you wiped out CM, did you remember to click on the Apply button to save the changes? The hook thingy alerts sometimes require a restart of the application (and in rarer cases, a reboot).

Learning mode is updated every 10 minutes if I remember the exact number from Egemen (lead developer). It takes a while.

More info on CM in my left sig link to FW FAQs:

Component Monitor,5396.0.html,793.0.html,4057.0.html,6241.0.html,7526.0.html

Sigh, I’m an idiot :). I had no idea it updated every 10 or so minutes. I was expecting it to update instantly each time it encountered a DLL. Not sure how long it’s been, but it’s been long enough because after a refresh some DLLs popped up and everything seems normal again.

Thanks for your help, everything is fine now. I just had to wait 10 minutes for Comodo to update itself :).

That’s for Learn mode. With On mode, it prompts when the associated files are loaded. Alternatively, you can manually add files, but this rarely done by users because there are too many of them! Even after x minutes, sometimes a Refresh is necessary to see the changes.