Component Monitor - why are old DLLs left?

If I add programs in learning mode a bunch of dlls and stuff gets added to Component Monitor. But if remove the program from Application Monitor the dlls don’t get removed. Is there any reason for that?

I guess that also if I temporarily allow a program then dlls will be permanently added to component monitor?

No special reason, even if you uninstall a whole program the rules allowing it in the app monitor will remain unless you delete them yourself. Once a rule is create only the user can remove it.

Yeah, but if component and application monitor are “linked” when adding it’d be logical to have it the other way too when removing from application monitor.
But maybe it doesn’t matter if there’s a lot of “crap” left in component monitor.

edit: I think you missunderstood. I didn’t mean only uninstall a program. I meant removing it from Application Monitor.

I agree. If spyware is discovered and removed, but a dll is the real problem - shouldn’t the dll either be removed or at least have comodo show you what was allowed the first time, and let you chose what to delete. This seems like a serious security weakness.