component monitor and launch pad

At what point should component monitor be changed to “turn on” mode or should it always stay on “learn” mode?

Not a big deal, but I thought launch pad was to show everything installed, in my case it only shows i-vault. Is there a reason for that?



There are different ideas on how long to leave Component Monitor in “Learn” mode. What I basically say is to leave it on until you have run the majority of your applications; certainly the ones you use on a regular basis. That way you’ll get less alerts when you go “live.”

As to Launch Pad, well, Comodo discontinued the use of that with their newer products, so the firewall, and CAVS will not show in there. You would probably see Backup, i-Vault, maybe Verification Engine and Anti-Spam.

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Yes, helps a ton. I know I’ve had question to what I’m about to ask and I’m sure you just answered this. Assuming I kept it on learn mode, would it be normal for me to be prompted, often, to allow/disallow, resulting in multiple occurrences of the same application showing (ie. firefox.exe)?

And now that I know to to put it on turn on mode, I will no longer be prompted. I just want to make sure I understood correctly.

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