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I already posted a thread on the topic but I did not get a satifactory answer. Why the hell is it impossible to switch from learn mode to “on” without getting the following issue: beeing asked again and again and again to allow the same “unknown components” to load with an app? checking the remember box does not change anything!!! you’re gonna have an alert again that will ask you just the same question about the same components loading with same application. WHY???

Could you please post some examples, from CFWs Log, of these repeated messages. Also, please remember to mask an private information. Thanks.


I have no log for that cause I turned back cpf to learn mode. And I never bothered to watch the logs concerning this problem cause the bug seems to be the alerts that pops up and ask me to confirm that I agree to allow an application, Firefox for example, to connect while loading “unknown components”, in that case dlls related to my Google toolbar. First step is that I allow it, second step is that when I launch firefox later, same popup and same question about the same dlls, although I checked the remember box when the first popup occured.This only happens in mode “on” and not in learn mode.I had the issue with cpf 2.3 and now again with the beta.

What version are running now?

the beta

You’re posting in wrong section. I’m gonna move this to BETA section. I’ll leave a link behind for you follow.

fine but the issue concerns both the release AND the beta version, so you could have treated the topic in this section… :THNK

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no, that’s alright, don’t worry I’m not really angry. I like this forum very much actually. You always get someone answering to you very quickly most of the time, and kindly too. but I’m still expecting some help for my issue about “learn mode” switched to “on”.

I must admit that i have never tried to have it on ON… ;D
I will do it now…

OK. Firstly, just to confirm… are we talking about the Component Monitor set at “Learn” or “On”?

In any event, what you need to do is to set the Component Monitor to whichever mode the pop-ups appear. Take screen shots of a couple of these repeated pop-ups, grab the corresponding Log entries & post them all here.

Why you? Because nobody else has reported this. It seems you’re the only person you can reproduce the problem & you’re beta testing… so… go forth and beta test please. ;D

I’m almost sure you’re gonna have the same issue. I don’t think that’s related to my system, cause the same happens when launching other applications in mode “on”. But please keep me posted on waht happens on your system when you try that. I just remember that Sygate Firewall, that did not have any learn mode, but could also monitor dlls, had the same issue. It kept asking you again if you wanted to allow an application to load them, and the rember box did not work there either. May the way dlls load changes, even if it’s the same dlls…

Sure, But, let’s wait until we know what & where these DLLs are. Then we’ll either be completely baffled or enlightened. :wink:

Now I have tried to reproduce your issue, but I don’t have the problem. Since I newly installed the beta, there are a lot of rules not created yet. So I checked the remember box when the pop up appeared, and then I tried again, without pop up, and I checked the Application monitor if there where any new rules, and it was.
If it is problems with your firewall that is causing this, they will hopefully be fixed. Since I never heard anyone else with this problem, and that it was the same with the stable release, I suggest that you contact the support.
You should have it on learning for at least a couple of weeks anyway, and I haven’t found a reason to have it on on yet…
I’ll wait until I think the whole dll library has been added… :wink:

From help file in the firewall.

Component monitor 'Learn Mode' When you install Comodo Firewall the Component Montitor is set to 'Learn' mode by default

Whereas the number of internet accessing applications will usually be relatively small, there is always a huge number of components loaded within these applications. By enabling learn mode the firewall will be forced to learn and build the component profile of the PC. Whenever an allowed application attempts to connect to the internet, Comodo Firewall will add all the components it loads to the control rule list. By default, each of these components inherit the applications ‘Allow’ status. Users have the option to change this status by selecting one the appropriate Allow/Block/Ask radio button.

As you can see, it’s more comfortable to have it on learn. If you have it on on, you have to allow/block every single dll in every program. That leads me to a question. Are you 100% sure that the pop ups was about exactly the same dll every time?

ok it’s 2 o’clock in the morning here, almost 3, and a bit late for beta testing, and as I mentioned before, the same issue occurs with the release version. Concerning the logs and screenshots, I’ll do that tomorrow… :■■■■

in between I’ve had another reply from AOwl: thanks AOwl, as I said I’ll post my logs and screenshots tomorrow.I’m surfing from France and it’s almost 3 in the morning here. 'night! (R)

Same time here… I also need to go to bed… ::slight_smile:



I’ve been running with the Component Monitor in ON mode for about 6 or 7 hours. Saw some understandable alerts when I used MSIE6 to perform a Windows Update. Did another Windows Update. Rebooted, another Windows Update, browsed some safe sites with MSIE got a few more alerts (flash & things like that). Used Firefox extensively. No repeated alerts as yet.

What’s the time frame on these repeated alerts apache?

Edit: I can confirm that does not save the Logs between reboots, unless it is manually stopped prior to rebooting.


hi guys!

I’m pleased to see that you keep taking care of the issue, here are my log and screenshots. Hope it brings something. I’ve noticed in the log that things seem to be related to dns 53…

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