Complete removal

Sorry People, same old same old.
I have ■■■■■■■ my computer, (can’t use Explorer or access Windows update) and I’m putting it down to Comodo. I tried it and hated it - the frequent warnings nearly drove me mad, so I uninstalled it, or so I thought.
For a product that is lauded from such a big company so much I find it laughable that it needs a forum discussion to try to get rid of it and all its components. Some people are even reduced to wiping the hard drive for Gods sake!
So, does anyone have a simple means of getting rid of it? I say simple because there seems to be multiple versions to try, and having been unsuccessful I turn once again to the forum.
Doesn’t anyone from Comodo read this stuff?


Download the file I attached below. Go to Add/Remove programs and uninstall CFP 3. Then use the batch in this zip and run it. CFP 3 should now be completely gone.

I am interested to help you with your issue. Can you tell me your OS & Security Software installed and the main issue your having?


[attachment deleted by admin]

Unsuccessful uninstalls of Comodo do not happen to everyone. The pop ups that Comodo was giving you is normal for any firewall with HIPS program. You could have asked for help in that area instead of uninstalling it. There is also a training mode to aid in pop ups. Follow these steps.