Complete Base Replcaement AV Update Released : V3516

I had actually no idea that anything had happened. I mean everything went on just as it normally does without me even knowing. :-TU

Poor Dialup Users ! :-\

After reboot I’m now at 1. Being on dial up it’s a ■■■■ good thing I’ve got Avira available as a fall back until I can get to a machine with a faster connection.

bases.cav, db 3525

SHA-1: 1DA7023143307CC485EC7534FBDAE599BF005844

On 4 computers! :-TU

3525 for me also…

I got the same on 3 comps… but who knows in a few days… 88)

Probably not fixed (or a promise for a fix wouldn’t be made…), but at least we have some sync… :wink:

Btw, Umesh… Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year This site is still not updated… =/ Just saying… Its the site people get “redirected” to when they click “whats new”… Perhaps if there is too much work or comodo has no intention to keep that site updated, make a link somewhere else, for instance to the forum…

Iam sure a MOD or similar can make a thread that stays UPDATED where he posts a short notice of whats new in x version… =O Just a thought…

I got the same SHA-1 checksum after updating CAV DB to version 3525. :-TU


Site will be updated next week, by Tuesday. But we have ensured that current V579 links re-direct to latest V581 version. So user always gets new version when he downloads from


Can someone please post a direct link for the people on dial up


Size: 93.6 MB

Thanks for the link and after downloading 2 times all is good ;D :-TU

To the CIS developers:

And why don’t you implement a download resuming feature (for both the DB update and the program update- to make everything smooth) and that way you get rid with all these issues and all the bothering they cause once and for all ???

Is it hard to implement?: No… so i can’t understand why it is not part of the CIS implementation yet, when you’ve been always aware of the situations that happen when the users have to deal with big downloads via the automatic updates (be them the antivirus DB or the CIS update).

What’s the point of not having it?

+1 very good point Renincuente,
I completely agree with you and wish Antivirus Update Resume feature is provided to us for everyone’s benifit this will solve most people complaints regarding “update” issues.

does anyone have a direct llink for v3516 for vista 32bit please ???

Get the latest one from Where can i download the latest full AV database?.

Between update problems and false positives I left the Comodo AV 6 months ago to another. No update problems and no false positives. The firewall is still super. In foot ball when the coach can’t seem to win he’s replaced, I’m sure the AV people are glad they aren’t coaches. Still hoping you get certified and solve the problems with the PROGRAM ( the coaches aren’t the problem) because I loved CIS for awhile and would love to come back. Thanks

Be sure to give CIS 4 a go when its released. It has greatly improved.

i dont know whats going on !
my comodo updated to latest version after 3 times restarting !!
now again its updated and tell me to restart and now its 3336 again !!!
again its started to updating !
whats going on ?! ???

The only possibility is that you have incomplete download and CAV rejects it upon system start up.
I suggest you download and replace base as suggested in following post:;msg339558#msg339558

This way you will be able to ensure that download is complete.


Ever since this new base file was released, I have been having problems with Windows Explorer slowing down, grinding to a halt, or just plain crashing taking my taskbar with it every time I open a folder in My Documents that contains .exe files. At first it was just that it took a few seconds for the proper icons to appear for those files. Now the icons never appear, or even worse, the whole window goes white and explorer stops responding. Then my taskbar disappears and my only recourse is a hard reboot of the entire system. The only solution is to completely turn off CAV. This is the first major problem that I have ever had with CAV but it’s bad enough that I am seriously considering uninstalling it and trying out the new v5 of Avast at least until this problem with CAV is fixed.