Complete Base Replcaement AV Update Released : V3516

Hi Guys,
Just to inform you, we have just made a change, where all existing AV users, when update next will have their bases.cav replaced. This change if effected from V3516.

Once you have updated to V3516, you will have incremental updates.

We have made one more change, earlier any old user when was switching to CIS V589 or above from previous version, he was also getting complete bases.cav, now we have removed this change to avoid double download of bases.cav and this will also help any old firewall user as he won’t have to get complete bases.av when he switches to V581.


Note: After AV update downloads latest complete bases.cav, it asks for system re-start, you must re-start system else if you check update again, it will download complete bases.cav again.

When is v.591 going to come out Umesh.


So I suppose all this will be done “in CIS”? Like the internal updater, etc.

Yay! 2nd reply. 88)

Sorry, V591 was typo for V581, which is already out.


Does this update also apply for CIS v4 beta? I keep getting an error message saying it failed to update the virus signature database. I am currently having database 3514.

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Yes, as that also uses same AV updates.

At this moment we are seeing tremendous load on our servers and it’s quite possible that downloads may fail like you experienced.


My update is going really slow. Its been at 30 percent for 20 minutes. can i assume this is because of the tremendous load on comodo’s servers?

I had the same thing, restarted my comp and it updated fine after.

Thanks for the heads up. It is now updated. I figured the server must be very busy.

Edit: I didn’t need to restart with v4

At V3516 as of 6:03 EST in Montreal, Opera froze as well as my complete system but the transition and database are up to date after a manual reboot on my behalf… ;D :-TU
Thanks Umesh & team
Regards & cheers (after all it’s Fried day) :smiley: :Beer

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my update is complete now. CIS is running smooth. :-TU

Thanks guys ;D

This is not working quite as simply as stated. I was told I needed to reboot and when I did, I was back to db 3336. Now I am having to reboot a second time.

Servers must be busy 88) keep failing update and starting again… and failing… >:-D

I have now rebooted twice when told to and I’m still at 3336.

On the third time after downloading and it telling me I needed to reboot, I am finally at 3516.

This is possible at times when you have incomplete download and upon system re-start CIS rejects it and goes back to last known bases.cav.


Ride 'um cowboy… :smiley:

I had actually no idea that anything had happened. I mean everything went on just as it normally does without me even knowing. :-TU

Poor Dialup Users ! :-\

After reboot I’m now at 1. Being on dial up it’s a damn good thing I’ve got Avira available as a fall back until I can get to a machine with a faster connection.

bases.cav, db 3525

SHA-1: 1DA7023143307CC485EC7534FBDAE599BF005844

On 4 computers! :-TU