I am disappointed too.
There were good reviews about CIS, so redirected from a Windows page, I downloaded a 30 day trial version of Comodo Internet Security. The programme did not work well in my system, perhaps the installation had serious problems or I am not geek enough to set it up correctly, so I contacted the technical support through GeekBuddy.

When I told the technical service person about my problem, the first thing he said was that the company had an award and I had to pay by credit card to find out how to install it properly.

I told him that for unknown reasons, I could only get Internet communication through the Geekbuddy. Commodo Internet Security had blocked my browser access to the Internet and I couldn’t access the help site, as this clever programme does not have help files installed locally. The reply was that there was a money guarantee and I had to pay.

I thought it was a great way to welcome and help a potential new customer, on the very first day of having the programme installed. Expecting even a more generous reception in a near future, I decided to uninstalled and not test it anymore.

There are two issues here, one is your company policy regarding flashy claims of great and free support to later asking for payment upfront when testing a product. Second it is an issue of training, the technical support guy was not well trained to identify that a customer with a trial product which has installation problems should not be charged to have the product properly installed. O perhaps the script writers of the text appearing on his screen as he was replying to a support request did not think about it.

However, I would like you to know that people like me, who are not IT and security experts are not happy about your programme or technical service. It is more annoying because I had expended quite some time trying to figure out the problem and quite frustrating that there were not help files I could read, as I am accustomed to get the issues sorted out on my own , in spite of my lack of training.

Probably your target group is a very skilled and experienced customer with sophisticated knowledge about IT security that can solve most problems by themselves.

It is not good that you want to monitor the help area so much that you do not include a local help file.
Basically, as often happens, it better not to trust the products reviewed by IT media, they are so specialised, so much in their little world that they loss contact completely with the knowledge an average computer user.


I made spaces between the paragraphs for an easier read. Eric

I tamtam, well sorry to know what happened with you… I totally agree at atleast for an evaluation purpose the candidate should not be charged… There must be some communication or understanding gap here by the technician…
About CIS… CIS is a great product with great technology back and this I’m not speaking with respect to any reviews but my own experience and experience of many… Initially getting CIS configured or working with it, some may find troublesome… I’d ask you to read the CIS 6 Guide if your using v6.x else CIS 5 Guide for v5.x for installation and usage purpose… It will give you an insight of how things work and how configuration can be done for better usage…
I’d request you to give CIS another shot…

Any help… We are there here… :-TU

CIS is an awesome product also disagree charging (do not know how was the atentendimento, so I can not to judge).
Here in the forum there is a vast amount of material easy to understand, for example I speak Portuguese but I learned and I learn a lot here (despite the public area destined for the Portuguese-speaking almost did not see movement) :cry:
There are thousands of tutorials around the internet on how to configure your comodo internet security. In fact there should be a help file offline.
Follow the forum, you’ll see just how easy and uncomplicated to use the CIS. :-TU

Sorry to hear about your negative experiences. CIS should work straight from the box but for some reason it didn’t with you.

As stated by liosant and Ishaan there is a lot of help to get here at the Comodo forums. So if you’re feeling you want to give it another try we will be here to help.

When you are installing CIS again please make sure that there are no left overs of previously installed security programs around. Not all uninstallers do a proper job. Left over applications, drivers or services can cause all sort of “interesting effects”.

Try using removal tools for those programs to remove them. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .

Hopefully the above will help you get started properly.

Hi tamtam,

I too am sorry to hear about your problems getting support. I don’t work for Comodo so I can’t really comment but it sounds like something has gone wrong in that area in your case. I have no doubt that Comodo are looking at their support procedures as I type.

Regarding your problems installing it, this is something I do know a bit about. CIS typically installs and work “out of the box”, certainly it’s designed to be that way. However, much depends upon the stability of the Windows system it’s being installed into. As EricJH has said, left over items from other security products are known to cause all sorts of issues, and not just with CIS but with most other security products as well. It’s also important that your system is stable and that it has all the latest updates already installed.

I do know of people who have installed security products like CIS onto a system they believe is already infected or compromised in some way in the hope that CIS (or other product) will be able to clear up the problem. Sadly an unstable or compromised system often prevents CIS (or other product) from installing properly or completely.

It might well be that your problems were caused by something within your existing Windows installation and not CIS at all. The sad thing is that when you asked Comodo for help sorting this out it seems that you were let down. I hope Comodo now get in touch with you to see how they can help you get CIS installed and configured for your needs. It really is the gold standard in Windows security.


…great program with great technology can not kill process “utilbrowsefox,exe” or “updatebrowsefox.exe” which are a viruses …not enough privilege…I do not want to say that comodo do not recognize it as a virus…I do not know how it was even instaled without any report that is instaled…

Use a scanner that works in safe mode boot.

Note: Cleaning is not surely the same as “uninfected”. And think about backdoors etc…

If Comodo detects this processes as malwares but it can’t delete them, u can simply boot in safe mode and run a scan.
@tamtam: It must be a misunderstanding. Obviously a new potential user must not be charged in order to install the program properly. Btw, Comodo is a great product, the greatest. Give to Comodo another chance and count on us to receive help :wink:

Hi tamtam,
You can download a copy of the help file in PDF format for future reference.
Direct dowload link below.
Download-PDF Help 15.8MB