compatibility w/ android 4.0 tablets & Note books

I had questions regarding the application and ability of COMODO products and services rendered by your company used along with a Google Android 4.0 1.2Ghz 8GB 9" Tablet PC, 10.1" Google Android 4.0 Netbook, or 9" Google Android 4.0 OS Tablet. Are COMODO based browsers compatible with Google Android OS based products? This question will determine if I will purchase one of these products or not. Thank you. T.Jones

Hi 5 pounds Brain,
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For the moment Dragon browser is only available for the Windows platform.

Does this mean that there may be compatibility in the near future?
I found COMODO, swear by it and will never go back!

Current discussions in the forums have implied no, or at the very least, unlikely.

But a possibility, nonetheless.