Compatibility issues with Acronis

I’m not sure is it a bug or not (since TrueCrypt have this issue too), nevertheless I will post this problem and hope it could be fixed.

I installed the latest beta (v1.2.46.58) and tried running it. I decided to encrypt my active partition (C:) to try out the software. Everything work smoothly up to the point (no issues with encrypting) when I decided to restart my computer to test out the boot authentication.

To my horror (or so I have hunch it would happen but never expected it to be that bad), something happened that forces me to format, reinstall my OS and then restore back my backed up data from Acronis Secure Zone.

When I restarted my computer, the first thing my computer do is prompt me for password, so far so good. After I entered my password, the system begins to load the Acronis Recovery Startup Manager and this is where the computer stopped responding (note: no BOSD appeared).

Firstly, I tried rebooting a few times (turning it off and on using the power button on my computer) but the same thing happens.

Secondly, I tried using my Acronis Bootable CD to boot the recovery manager from the disc to undo the changes CDE made but the computer automatically restarted before the recovery could begin.

Lastly, I have no other options but to do the long way around. Format my C: partition, re-install a copy of Win XP and then restore the partition image using Acronis. The fortunate thing is that I did a backup of my system so no data is lost.

I did mentioned earlier that this issue is also present in TrueCrypt, however, this issue was easier to solve with TrueCrypt since it provides an option to make an emergency disc where you can decrypt your encrypted drive using when your computer is unable to boot your OS so I do not have to work the long way to undo the changes.

Anyway, I’m using Windows XP Professional (32-bits).

P.S - I’m not comparing it CDE with TrueCrypt, neither I’m saying TrueCrypt is better so don’t be mistaken. I just hope the issue can be solved in CDE where TrueCrypt is unable to (at least up till now).

We are very interested about this and please give us many details as possible such as:

  • Acronis version
  • OS Version
  • Disk layout
  • Single boot or multiboot machine?

“To my horror (or so I have hunch it would happen but never expected it to be that bad), something happened that forces me to format”.

If CDE is installed and you want to restore a partition with Acronis software please, restore the MBR also.

Acronis Version: 10.0 (build 4,871)

OS Version: Window XP Professional Service Pack 2 (Version 2002)

Not sure what you mean by disk layout, but here goes: 1 Active Partition, 3 Logical Partition (one of it is created by Acronis as a hidden storage zone for backup)

Boot mode: Single Boot

Have you tried to restore the MBR?

Hmm… Based on my assumption, there would be no problems if I were to deactivate the Startup Recovery Manager.

My guessing is that there is a conflict on how Acronis and CDE works.

Well, as known to all, in order to restore a encrypted partition you would have no choice but to do a sector by sector backup to a external hard disk or something. The main problem I would hope CDE could solve is the conflict between Acronis Startup Recovery Manager and CDE so I could run recovery without the disc (in case I didn’t have it with me).

  • I’m not sure whether comodo would wants to include one but I think an emergency disc would be nice and useful. For example, your computer couldn’t start and for some reason, you need to decrypt your hard disk to retrieve information.