compatibility issue with windows 8.1 >.< plz support it

1 - i have core i3 second generation (64-bit)
2 - windows 8.1 sp1 of course
3 - avira personal and i disabled firewall
4 - after each shut down and start:- i’m trying to open the program but nothing happens and i tried to disable my antivirus temporarily then restart the service through adminastrive tools but windows says that the service is not responding
5&6 - the only way to fix it is to :-

  1. stop the service through the registery (make the value of start 4 instead of 2)
  2. reboot
  3. disable antivirus tomporatily
  4. enable service through adminastrive tools
    I have to do this each time I start my computer >:(
    7 - i’m using adminstrator account