Compatibility issue with Windows 10 version 1703 build 15063

1. What actually happened
Input into the Start Menu in Windows is sporadic/erratic, the Start Menu seems to lose and gain focus back and forth meaning only certain keys make it through, so for example when I type in “Control Panel” I may get “lpanel” (different output each time since it depends on timing)

2. What you did to cause that to happen, step by step
i) Update Windows 10 x64 RELEASE PREVIEW to Windows 10 Pro version 1703 build 15063 (Creators Update)
ii) Installed CCAV
iii) Rebooted
iiii) Pressed Win-Key and started typing.

3. If you repeat these steps does the same thing always happen
The issue with the start menu seems to be sporadic, sometimes it works okay, sometimes not. The common part is however the presence of CCAV, if I uninstall CCAV the issue is no longer present.

4. What you expected or wanted to happen
Input to be sent normally, focus to be maintained normally.

5. Operating system, whether 32 or 64bit, and service pack number
Windows 10 Pro 64bit version 1703 build 15063.11

CCAV full version number (from Help ~ About)

6. Any other security or sandbox software installed now or previously
HitmanPro.Alert 3.6.4 build 588
Zemana AntiLogger ← Issue happens even with Zemana Uninstalled.
Zemana AntiMalware ← Uninstalled
SpyShelter Firewall 10.9 ← Uninstalled

7. Does this problem occur if you load the default configuration and reboot

8. Any other relevant information (eg Your guess at the reason for the bug)
Incompatibility with Windows 10 Creators Update is my best guess, it may however simply be a compatibility issue with my computer or some other software present on my computer.
Btw, I don’t expect CCAV to work with Release Previews, this is simply a heads-up for the actual release of Creators Update which is taking place on April 11.

did you install CISE when installing CCAV ?
In the past it was CISE driver to make troubles with the anniversary update

Is CISE Comodo Internet Security Essentials? If so, then yes, and also, what exactly is this?

yes it is

you can try to uninstall it (with CCAV installed) to check if that’s the problem

Hi Sanya IV Litvyak,
The behavior you have experienced is possible due to CCAV. We plan to release CCAV hot-fix on 5th April.


Uninstalling it and rebooting didn’t change the behaviour of the start menu.

Thank you, umesh.
Attaching a CCAV report just 'cuz.

New CCAV released 1.10 478

Confirmed fixed