Comparison with MS SteadyState?

Has anyone compared DiskShield to MS’s free SteadyState offering? They look like very similar products.

I’m currently have SteadyState installed on a public access XP machine and it seems to be working well.

I have the computer configured with a password protected Administrator account, and a non-passworded limited user account. It boots directly into the user account with full protection. If I want to make a permanent change, I simply log out of the limited user account, log into the admin account, make the change, and tell SteadyState to save it. I reboot and that now becomes the base configuration.

Not knocking DiskShield (L) but just relating what else is out there (for free).


I tried MS SteadyState (MSS) one time and after installation, I got a message that I had to activate WinXPproSP2 within 3 days. My total legitimate WinXPproSP2 was already activated by phone many months ago and I hate phone-activation. It wasn’t caused by malware, because I installed MSS in a guaranteed malware-free environment, that has never been online.
When a software of Microsoft acts like this and doesn’t recognize a legitimate installed and activated Microsoft Windows, I become very irritated and ditched MSS immediately.

I also disabled Windows System Restore (WSR) two years ago, because WSR is quite useless when you have a frozen BSOD and can’t boot in Windows anymore.

In general, Third Party Applications are always much better than MS Applications and there are examples enough.
If I have to choose between MSS and CDS, I take CDS without any hesitation, of course without BETA. :slight_smile: