Comparison with Go Back?

How does CTM compare with Symantec’s Go Back?

Go Back reserves a maxiumum 8Gb portion of your hard drive and keeps backing up to it constantly without user intervention. I can usually go back 5-6 days, although my wife’s little-used machine can go back a couple of months. Does CTM work on the same procedure, or is it more like Rollback where you have to take snapshots.

Go Back has been a real life saver but only installs on XP and earlier OS, so no good for Vista. CTM looks to be a fine product for Vista and W7.

I don’t know much about GoBack, but I do know some about CTM.

You could read this: CTM review.


You could check this too -

Unfortunately, the parallels with GoBack are many, and some are real deal-breakers for me.

Like GoBack, CTM appears to mess with MBR data. This can confuse multi-boot managers, including Linux GRUB and Norton BootMagic.

Changes to MBR data are flagged by competent antivirus programs, and some rootkits make MBR changes. This introduces real security risks.

And if the CTM (or Goback) program is uninstalled, the MBR may not be restored, trashing the entire hard drive. Acronis True Image Home can restore the MBR as part of a System Rollback, but only if your have created a bootable Acronis Rescue Media CD.

Additionallly, if CTM is used, Image Backups must be made sector-by-sector. This greatly increases the time and file size involved both in making backups and in recovering from archives. And the backup program cannot restore without going outside of Windows (as in using bootable rescue media).

All of this just to have instant system restoration, which does not always recover full Windows functionality.

If users take about twenty minutes, they could use True Image Home and have full Image backups which restore in under a half-hour and do the rollback job completely and safely.

But if you like instant recovery and are willing to risk your MBR to CTM, be my guest and use it. Be aware that some other recovery programs, notably Norton Save and Restore, are not compatible with CTM.

Any official Comodo replies to this posting will be read by me with an open mind, especially if these concerns can be addressed.

Read this. This compares Rollback RX to Goback. Rollback RX and CTM are basically the same.

Dunno or don’t care if Comodo Time Machine is based on ayrecovery/eaz-fix/rollback or not…
Atleast COMODO’s offers to choose the partition(s) to protect on, which atleast RollBack doesn’t…
I prefer to protect only my main partition with the OS,not ALL partitions like Rollback did, thus eating
a lot of disk space…

Thank you COMODO!!!
So far so good, no problems with Vista Home Premium 32bit on my laptop…

Atleast COMODO's offers to choose the partition(s) to protect on, which atleast RollBack doesn't..

Tonni, you couldnt be further from the truth. Rollback does indeed offer Partition selection…as long as they exist on Drive0 ie. your first drive.

FYI, during the setup of Rollback, you must select “Custom” option which presents itself early in the install. If you leave it on “Default”…well then enough said. :stuck_out_tongue: