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I was just wondering if anyone can tell me how CSC compares to CCleaner. I have been using CCLeaner for quite some time, but I am a big fan of Comodo and would very much appreciate a comparison.

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Ed (zarniwoopz).

It finds more.

IMO. CC for a quick spruce up just before going to bed. CSC for a thorough scrub before a Hot Date. Ccleaner is easy to use, good for saving certain cookies etc, and good for a quick cleanup. CSC is a bit more intense and good for a deeper clean. IMO both are very good products. It doesn’t hurt to have both products. I do like CSC but I find it a bit harder to use than CC if you want an every day product CC is my pick, but CSC is good for less often thorough clean. My opinions only. I hope this helps.Kind regards

Thank you for your time and effort to reply. You have been very helpful.

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hello all. i have a few concerns about csc. ive been using ccleaner for a year now and had no problems at all.but i love comodo and thought i would try the system cleaner…and to be honest it scared the living ■■■■ out of me as it found a lot more than ccleaner.Now being a cautious cat as i am i decided to not clean what csc proposed to clean from the registry.i know it has a function called safe delete but this does not incur much confidence in me as this would seem to indicate that comodo does not have 100% faith in what the cleaner not knocking the comodo product at all i just want some re-assurance that csc is in fact safe to use.many thanks.bye for now. :ilovecomodo:


I want to point out a few things. Even if System-Cleaner founds more entries than CCleaner, it doesn’t mean that those entries are not safe to delete. I admit that we had this kind of problems in the past. This is way we have decided that in 3.0 version we remove heuristic based cleaning. Instead we use a database of invalid entries that are actually added by hand by a group of software analysts. This means that we delete only what we find in our cleaning database. We finf more entries than CCleaner just because we have a very large database, and this database is constantly updated.

Now about the fact that CCleaner is easier to use … this is why we introduced Active Clean. You define your cleaning profiles and then you don’t have to press a button ever on System-Cleaner. Your computer remains clean at all times.

Thanks for your feedback and support!

well the active clean is a good idea although personally i would like to know what is being removed rather than a program doing it automatically.that takes the user out of the equation altogether.

and as for it finding more.well finding more does not mean it is finding safe entries to delete.

anyhow it is an attractive program but it is one of hundreds on the internet that claim to clean up your machine.

the worst i have come across are registry easy and regcure which are outright dangerous programs to use.

Hi I hope this is the right area to be in. My question is when I get a pop up from Comodo that tells me Comodo is ready to do security update, can I trust it to accept that and let it up date. Just want to make sure that it really is Comodo and not a virus attempt.

The official Comodo program updater will have a link to click on. This will take you to the Comodo pages where the change log is. Notice that the change log is showing the data of the previous version.

Also see the images as show in the online help: Comodo Help .