Comparison btwn Comodo Anti Vir 3.0 and NOD32 3.0

Can anyone provide me a comparison between the New Comodo AntiVirus 3.0 and NOD32 3.0.
What I know is NOD32 has some exclusive fetures like threat sense…etc. So can I expect even some more on Comodos new AntiVir 3.0?


comodo 3 isnt out yet,cant compare

There is no Comodo Antivirus 3 at this moment. Beta should come out this month. :slight_smile:

This is going to be a fun thread because there are going to be two sides, avira people, and nod 32 people. So lets get my peeps in here OH VET! I prefer nod 32, its fast and does a good job.

huh ??? who said anything about avira? and who said the next comodo AV name would be comodo antivir 3.0 ???


Melih today received the early CEO Edition of CIS. Needs some Graphical work before Beta. So now only time will tell…


Time sure is keeping quiet, lately. Maybe it’s afraid someone will close the thread if it brings up release dates?

Expect it very soon, Maybe within this week! Remember though, Anything could happen… but the odds are looking good! ;D

There is a high chance of a beta this week since the Mods already have the pre beta.

I think Comparing NOD32 v3 & CAV v3 won’t be fair when released. Comodo needs 12 months before being called one of the best AV’s and competing against other AV’s.

Just like the Firewall, It’s one of the best now with competition. We now need to focus on CAV3! But it is… MUCH BETTER! :■■■■


Well, right. 12 months. Just don’t forget that other vendors aren’t just hibernating there and threats can evolve incredibly in 12 months so tech developed in 12 months inside Comodo may be outdated when they’re suppose to actually get in action and it’ll be nothing but outdated.

True and that’s where we step in.
At this stage Comodo is relying on they customers and malware lunatics to help to reach the great detection Comodo wants to receive (:KWL)

Well, I guess that CAV might become greater. Why?

Eset NOD32 3.0 is gving alot of users a hard time because it uses 100% CPU. The newest version was using 100% of my CPU. The previous one didn’t, though. And it seems that eset has no idea of why it happens.

As the threats change so will comodo.

Major difference between NOD32 and CIS: One needs to be paid for and the other is free.

Also, the Comodo firewall ranks higher in tests than ESET’s firewall. As for virus detection, I think NOD32 has the upperhand in that for now. They have a really good fast engine that is hard to compete with. Though, like an above poster said, they have some issues with CPU usage, but that should be fixed sometime. Comodo had issues with a memory leak in CIS scanning, so each piece of software is not without bugs. You can only judge a company by how fast they fix reported bugs. :slight_smile:


I totally agree.
NOD32 didn’t come where it is now in one night as well

True, but the CPU issue happens for quite some time now, and there seems not be an idea of why it happens. I had to reinstall the previous version, because the new one make my CPU work 100%. But there are users who have been troubles with other previous versions as well. I truly can’t say the same, as I use nod32 for about 3 months now…
I do hope they fix it, though.

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