Compare Geek Buddy Support

I wondered if someone Will compare Geek Buddy Support int the 3 versions of CIS7

Free CIS7 Version offers a 30 day Trial showing what malware problems there are but No Repair

CIS7 Pro offers search and repair only Malware problems.

CIS7 Complete Offers search and repair of malware problems plus additionally Geekbuddy Support for CIS Complete Offers WHAT ???

at one time I thought it might also inclulde (where possible) support for other software such as Microsoft, Adobe etc ?
Not all software is known by each Geek Buddy, so another Geek Buddy might need to help and some software might not be known at all by any Geek Buddy. But I thought there might be an attempt.

Hoping someone will be able to compare these more completely for me as the current Description leaves CIS7 Complete with Questions as to what it does or does not offer ?

Thank You

I don’t use Geekbuddy personally, but I would be interested in knowing this as well. Can anyone who uses Geekbuddy please comment on what is included?


It is all inclusive.
Comodo Keep Buddy is the best fit for you :-*


It would have been nice if someone from Comodo Staff or GeekBuddy would have posted a more definitive answer as to what CIS7 Complete adds additionally in the GeekBuddy Support, and what it Offers and Does NOT Offer

Right now the only difference I see between GeekBuddy Support between the 2 or:

CIS7 Pro GeekBuddy Only helps with virus and malware problems

CIS7 Complete Helps with virus and malware problems plus
Helps with software installation and removal (Only Comodo software ?) Usually this can done by user
Helps install email and peripherals such as printers etc

Not all softwate can be known by everyone even GeekBuddys. I use a desktop application called Qnext which currently is only available via Facebook for File Sharing only, the desktop application does more IF you were lucky enough to install it.
I doubt if more than one GeekBuddy would know about it. That is why I used the word attempt in my first post.

Right now from what I read GeekBuddy Technical Support is VERY Limited and I doubt if there is a PLAN for getting the GeekBuddy with the background for each problem, and then getting back to get back to the client. Such as Mac or Linux or Java etc
Nothing was said about corrupted registries analyzing hardware problems.

Lets see IF someone from Comodo Staff or Geek Buddy can Give a more Detailed Answer.



We would like to clarify what is actually included in our product offering to avoid confusion. All our main products include Limited GeekBuddy for product support and malware removal. However, GeekBuddy Full Support is available as an Add-On service (see prices below per product).

GeekBuddy Add-On is a full technical support service that includes: Printer Setup and Troubleshooting, PC Tune Up, Software Installation, E-mail Setup, General Computer Troubleshooting and more! If they don’t know the answer to a problem, we would research it and they will do their best to assist.

CIS Premium Free - No live technical support (GeekBuddy)
CAV Advanced $19.99 - Includes Limited GeekBuddy (only product support and malware removal)

  • Antivirus - Included
  • GeekBuddy Full Technical Support Add on - $39.95
    CIS Pro $39.99 - Includes Limited GeekBuddy (only product support and malware removal)
  • Antivirus - Included
  • Firewall - Included
  • $500 Virus Free Guarantee - Included
  • GeekBuddy Full Technical Support Add on - $29.95
    CIS Complete $89.99 - Includes Limited GeekBuddy (only product support and malware removal)
  • Antivirus - Included
  • Firewall - Included
  • $500 Virus Free Guarantee - Included
  • 50GB Cloud - Included
  • 10GB TrustConnect per month - Included
  • GeekBuddy Full Technical Support Add on - $9.95

Please let us know if you need more clarification in our offerings.

GeekBuddy Staff

GeekBuddy Staff, thank you very much for this very clear explanation of GeekBuddy support. :-TU

Thank You,

The two words you used in your reply were important, research and assisst

Not ever GeekBuddy could be certified in the primary software or know the the millions of software (like Qnext 2 years ago) and there are times when an assist gives a feeling of reassurance to both the client and the tech.

Many years ago I crashed my XP, more than one person wanted to format and reinstall. That would be okay but I had photos that I did not want to lose. My oldest son had a problem and he lost everything because of the format and reinstall.
There was a small partition that had just enough space for me to install another copy of XP. This allowed me to manually repair C drive.

Format and Rinstall is fast and easy for the technician but not always the customer.

Thank You again,