Compacting is only doing the first three snapshots

It seem that when I compact, it’s only doing the first three snapshots. I can see the bar move to 100% on the first three but nothing happens on the rest (though it takes much longer than the first 3 before the “Next” button is active).

Any thoughts on this?

Currently I have about 1300 fragments and would love to lessen this.

Otherwise a great product–one I’d gladly pay for!


It’s a known problem of version 2.8.
It’s not even available on version 2.9, i.e., when you upgrade you’ll lost this feature.
More info in forums.

Thanks. Wonder when that will be?

I hate to be lazy, but I didn’t notice anything for CTM2.9 when I searched. I was wondering what other new aspects will be present. Thus far I love this program.

I think it’s only available in forums. It’s on beta right now.
And, unfortunately, the development is very slow and very few info is published about it.
It’s a pity (or a shame…).

In 2.9, CTM will automatically compact all snapshots(but not only the first three) in background after the keyboard and mouse have stopped work for some time.

It appears compacting does not function properly in the Windows enviroment. I rebooted and when the CMT splash screen appeared I launched CTM with the Home key. From the CTM menu I selected Compact and the compacting completed as expected. Note that the compacting may take a long time. So, the solution is to compact in Windows Pre-enviroment.

Thought this might be useful to other “hangers onto” CTM. I still think It’s a great application and I wish it were still supported.