Comondo fw life cycle

I have windows vista home sp2 64 bit .support from microsoft end 10/4/2012 my question comondo fw continues support my os in the future ? tnx

There is no end date set for Vista support as we speak: Microsoft Lifecycle Policy | Microsoft Learn .

There are no plans to discontinue support for Vista for CIS as known right now. Not even for the older XP. Notice that Vista and Win 7 share the same driver foundation (read they are very very similar) and that Win 8 will be building further on the foundation of Win 7. I ran CIS on Win 7 beta where it was not even ready for Win 7. That’s how similar they are.

In short. You can keep on using CIS under Vista for a long time.

I presume you mean Mainstream support ends for Vista SP2 extended is till April 11, 2017

As Mainstream support ended for XP on April 14, 2009 and they still support it, I do not see why Vista should be any different.


Edit For XP extended support ends April 8, 2014 please see here for all details