ComodoVision first production - Kim! :)

Hey guys go ahead and check out our Comodo Vision Consumer channel Video. You will see lots of useful explanations about what we do and products…

I think Kim does an amazing job of explaning all that! She is our new star!



Nice video, and nice to see Kim also, I’ll stay tuned (:WIN)

Kim is a sweet girl :slight_smile: btw, No offence intended… But I think you need to replace “Jason” with someone else. lol 88)

Hahah. Yeah, he looks too nerdy to get plagued by viruses ;D


I agree. That was my thought when I saw him.
Great presentation, though.

Again you read my mind >:-D but i didn’t dare to post it :wink:

No disrespect Jason. Nerds rule the world you know (:WIN)

(:NRD)–> (:KWL)

btw Where is Ganda when you think he would jump in… (:LOV)

Here he is :wink:


“Jason” certainly is a good speaker. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice production indeed. I hope no one confuses Leone with Leoni though. (:KWL)

Or worse Jason for Egemen or Umesh! :slight_smile: (:NRD) (:CLP)
Xman (:KWL)

Jason doesn’t look like Egemen :wink:
And i think Egemen would be able to clean up his own system ;D

Great job guys! I subscribed to the new channel btw. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice video! =) Good speed and great sound quality, and I think it was easy to understand even for none tech ppl. (:KWL)

And Jason looks like a Spywares worse nightmare, no offence, its a good thing! (:LGH)

They could both use some acting classes, but I am sure Ganda will like it ( Kim that is ) ;D

Greetz, Red.