ComodoSE intermittently spawns multiple copies

every so often, when I reboot my computer I en d up getting an error where the configuration says it is already running etc.

this pops up several times… then I open my task manager and ComodoSE.exe is constantly spawning new processes.

this has happened with the newest version and the version prior. but there is no rhyme or reason behind what causes it to happen.

at one point I counted as many as 30 spawnings.

I am running hte latest version of CSE, this is running in network mode

OS: winXP PRo SP3 (32bit)

8g ram (recent upgrade)

I a m using an Administrator account

I just set ComodoSE to run in the sandbox as a limited program until this is resolved.

I have uninstalled CSE because of the very same problem.

I seem to have fixed this by renaming comodose.exe, so that it does not run atall, as mentioned in my post elsewhere in the forum. It appears to be the automatic updater, which is academic now, and it appeared that it was still possible to run the updater manually.

I agree - that fixes it for me too.

Thanks for the feedback