ComodoSE.exe vs Sandbox (unlimited popups)

It doesn’t matter which option i choose, the popup keeps coming back to ComodoSE… ideas?

Vista SP1 32 bit.
CIS 4.0.135239.742.

zzz. is that the 2nd checkbox at Defense+ Settings? :X I’ll check it out tomorrow…

Have you deleted or renamed ComodoSE.exe?;msg375138#msg375138
Otherwise, it shouldn’t be isolated. :-\

Oh, man, i don’t even remember… haven’t used that since ages - i’m serious, i even got a new computer and just ghosted the system. However, i couldn’t see that file at the specified location (C:\ComodoSE.exe), so i guess it was deleted once. Thanks for the post, i thought i’m alone :P…

Hm, somehow i guess that whole compatibility problem is about a fight between Sandbox and Registry entries… i’ll check out tomorrow.

No such file, nor i can find ComodoSE.exe entry in the registry.

So CSE has been uninstalled? Maybe not completely…

Do you have the file CEmLSP.dll in system32?

And in AutoRuns, can you see that file in Winsock Providers?

Possible, but i don’t even remember when i used secmail last time… :\ (been ages…).
Yes, i still got CEmLSP.dll in the System32 directory.
Yes, i got Secure mail entries there (see attachment).

I’ll try out a regsvr32 /u with the dll. → couldn’t, deleting from list/renaming file… → cis4 restarted, no change yet.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I’m not really sure what makes any application that connects to the Internet try to run ComodoSE.exe…

If I didn’t use CSE any more, I would delete CEmLSP.dll and the entries in AutoRuns, Winsock Providers.

Or maybe ask in the CSE section. :wink: