Comodo's zealots and reputation

A simple exercise for you, mate:
Do a search on Google with the words “Comodo” and “fanboy”, and compare that with a search of “fanboy” and any other software.

The zealots on Comodo’s forums have had great effect on Comodo’s brand.

Mmmmmm… another hit and run post.

It wasn’t the word ‘fanboy’ I was talking about. Rather it was the nose in the air superior way in which it was being used. Often by folks who clearly have an extremely high opinion of themselves, which others may not share.

maybe i don’t get it, but i did the search with Zonealarm Fanboy

so what should I extract from this? I am lost…


Ah yes Melih, but your Zonealarm fanboy search does not come up with links to a well known security forum as does the Comodo one.

One has to notice the sharing of moderation there with an obvious competitor forum.

Apologies to Panic for off topic again.

Comodo is the fanboy leader:
Results 1 - 10 of about 7,850 for comodo fanboy
Zonealarm, which has been around for far longer:
Results 1 - 10 of about 5,700 for zonealarm fanboy

Hope this helps.

Do you come to the conclusion that Comodo has more “fan boys” out of this? And no matter which conclusion you come to, what does this has to do with the topic of this thread?


Hi Eggbert,

Oh I get it now.

You are saying that more people are fans of Comodo already.

That is quite an achievement in such a short time, don’t you think?

Aaahh, thanks JamesFrance, now I also understand our new friend Eggbert. Do you think he will join the white/black list topic now, as we’ve cleared things out? 88)


Redhat had many fanboys, but they hurt them with bad reputation so they were separated from the business customers.
Time is running out! The sword will fall and the heads of many fanboys will roll!!
You too shall see and be one of them!

It does very much help!

to me this means: There are more people loving Comodo :)…
And actually the word fanboy seems more applicable pro-rata to Zonealarm than Comodo…
let me explain:

Zonealarm search on its own zonealarm - Google Search has 7,610,000 search results in total

Comodo search on its own comodo - Google Search has 15,700,000 search results in total.

So Comodo has 106% more searches than Zonealarm…

Hence the ratio of Fanboy for Comodo vs Zonealarm, one would expect, to be same or bigger for Comodo…


Comodo fanboy produces comodo fanboy - Google Search 7860
compare to
Zonelarm fanboy producing zonealarm fanboy - Google Search 5710

Merely 37% more for the addition of fanboy to the search, even though just Comodo itself has 106% increase.

Hope this clarifies the confusion with some facts! (:NRD)





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It’s called “Googlemocracy” …
Here is another nice one …
ZoneAlarm phones home
Comodo phones home

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Actually I get a hit for the second one - Google has already indexed your post. ;D

But to make your links comparable, you need to have “”-signs in both cases (you forgot them for ZoneAlarm).


In any presentation, there will be the hecklers, the undecided, the opinionated…
…and those who sit back and absorb and take everything in…
Before the end of this year, Comodo will make a major controversial shift in its business policy.

Hope this helps.

Coming from the CEO himself I see…

Can I borrow that Crystal Ball you have pls so that I can see it too:)


Very good, see how easy it is to manipulate e-voting results ? :slight_smile: